I just registered to run the Dopey Challenge! I don’t have buyer’s remorse… or must I say, runner’s remorse – yet. I’m ecstatic as well as a lil overwhelmed since there’s a great deal to do before I even do my very first training run! So, I’ve put together a Run Disney To Do listing to get organized.

First, if you didn’t see my last publish Announcing the Dopey difficulty 2022 and/or aren’t familiar with the Run Disney events – let’s talk about what the Dopey difficulty is…

Run Disney

Run Disney is the group in fee of organizing all the running events for Walt Disney world as well as Disneyland. (The Disneyland events are currently on hold & have been for a few years now though.) So, when you see something referenced as ‘Run Disney’ it might be any type of of the in person races or online races they organize.

The original as well as greatest running event organized by Run Disney is the Walt Disney world Marathon weekend in January. It features 4 different races – 5K, 10K, half Marathon as well as full Marathon. Each race is on a different day during what is called the ‘WDW Marathon Weekend” however truly starts with the expo on Wednesday as well as races begin on Thursday as well as run (pun intended) with Sunday.

So, the Disney world Marathon weekend Races are the — 5K on Thur // 10K on Fri // half on Sat // full on Sun.

The dates for this year are Jan 6-9, 2022.

Goofy’s Race as well as a half Challenge

The Goofy’s Race as well as a half difficulty aka the Goofy difficulty is to run the half Marathon as well as full Marathon. احصل عليه؟ Race as well as a Half?? except in this situation it’s half as well as a Race since the half marathon is before the full marathon.

Dopey difficulty 101

The Dopey difficulty is the greatest difficulty of the Walt Disney world Marathon Weekend. To total the difficulty runners need to total ALL the races of the weekend. as well as keep in mind – they’re on consecutive days!

Dopey difficulty = 5K on Thur // 10K on Fri // half Marathon on Sat // full Marathon on Sun

I just registered to run the Dopey difficulty for 2022 as I revealed here.

And that brings us to my to do listing to get prepared as well as organized for this legendary marathon running challenge!!

I believe because of the lots of unknowns as well as race cancellations of last year the Run Disney organization opened registration for this race a great deal later than usual. I saw people publishing about training for the ‘WDW Marathon 2022’ as well as ‘Dopey 2022’ – before Race Registration was open. That’s since it does take longer than a marathon to train for back to back long distance races.  I assumption they just really hoped they’d get in before it offered out as well as started training!

Race weekend is about 20 Weeks away – that’s about exactly how long it takes to train for a marathon (not to mention a difficulty with several races)! So, creating a training plan for Dopey is one of the primary things on the list.

[RUN TIP:  the time you must train for a half marathon or full marathon depends upon your present fitness, health/injury history as well as goals for the race.]

Dopey difficulty To Do List

Training plan for Dopey difficulty – I’ll style a personalized plan for running the Dopey difficulty that works within the 20 week time frame as well as my schedule. (I’m a RRCA Run instructor & have experience running back to back races.)

Nutrition as well as meal plan – part of the training plan will include on going meal planning to make sure I’m staying healthy while training. Weight loss isn’t my primary goal ideal now, however I do have additional quarantine weight I’d be delighted to lose as part of the process. truly my primary focus with meal planning for marathon training is to make sure I’m fueling well to recuperate as I believe the reason I broke my foot was in part because of bad nutrition as well as vitamin/mineral refuel integrated with time periods of running قطعت مسافات طويلة. (Note – this isn’t the only reason. We can talk about it one more time, however it doesn’t run in my household as well as I’m not in the normal danger groups for early bone density loss.)

الفندق!! I requirement to make hotel reservations quick as I’ve heard the very best places offer out swiftly as well as costs are going up!

Flight – I requirement to catch flights, not feelings as well as book that too! (Pray that the world continues to get much better as well as Covid goes away by race weekend so it’s not a thing by the time I’m on the method to Orlando!)

ازياء خاصة!!! I’m ecstatic to have to figure out 4 Running costumes considering that I’m running 4 races in this challenge. I want to begin with this product on the list, however won’t. I haven’t even started to brainstorm concepts yet, however I’ll absolutely blog about it as I figure it out.

There are most likely other things to do however these are the most urgent for now. stay turned for morه

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