I came across two crazy new food discovers today. I like trying new food ?

Can you assumption what the very first one is? right here is a picture:
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Covid 19 Antibody Test
I took the Covid19 Antibody Test. Here’s exactly how it went as well as the results!

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0 seconds of 5 minutes, 19 seconds

Golden Retriever Won’t Take His Pills!


Did you assumption Salt & Pepper Fava Beans? If so, you’re right!

The other discover isn’t as crazy, however I’m crazy about it!

Kashi has a new cereal out – Go Lean Crisp. I am consumed with a lot of things Kashi, so even though I left my Kashi cereal voucher at house (I believed I brought my coupons, however failed to remember them) I had to have it! I seriously ripped into this box as soon as I got into the car.

This is similar to the Kashi crunch – however better. It’s not as difficult as well as deadly to your mouth (c’mon all of us understand Go Lean crunch is killer hard!). أحبها. new obsession all the way. say thanks to you Kashi ?

The only unfavorable is the high calorie count for 3/4c serving. Their other Go Lean crunch cereals have a 1 cup serving size with the exact same calorie count. My other eats for the day included a magnificent salad bar run. I believe this container is indicated as a celebration tray. Ha.

And cookies ? Cookies are a needed evil in my life lately… I had incredibly high expectations for these cookies since I’ve been eyeing them for weeks as well as they were on sale today. But, they were just okay.

In other news, my situation of seltzer handled to rip open on the method into my apartment or condo as well as autumn everywhere. I only lost one though ?

Random Monica Fact: Lately I’ve been totally loving your comments. So lots of times in the last few days I’ve checked out your comments as well as loudly stated “Ha!” (when they’re funny) or “Awwww! هذا حلو جدا!!” (when they’re wonderful as well as supportive).

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